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How to Stimulate the Clitoris

stimulate clitorisThe clitoris is one of two sensitive areas on a woman’s vagina.

(The other one is the g-spot.)

For some women, the clitoris is the most sensitive of these two areas.

And for these women, the clit is where you want to focus your energy when you want to go for an orgasm.

There are two ways to stimulate the clitoris: directly and indirectly.

And there are three different tools you can use: your fingers, your tongue and a vibrator.

In this article we’ll look at how to stimulate the clitoris, directly and indirectly, using your fingers, your tongue and a vibrator.

Remember that you should always turn your girl on before you touch her clitoris. Stimulating the clit is not a good way to turn women on, and women don’t like being touch between their legs before they’re aroused.

That means, use a lot of foreplay before you go for the clit.

Stimulating the Clitoris Indirectly

The clitoris is usually covered by a fold of skin called the clitoral hood.

When you stimulate the clitoris, you don’t have to pull back this fold. You can stimulate the clit indirectly by touching the clitoral hood with your fingers, your tongue or a vibrator.

(Note: You don’t have to use lube when you stimulate the clitoris indirectly. But it’s a good idea since you’re likely to touch the clit directly at some point. Use spit, oil, silicone-based lube, or your partner’s natural lubrication.)

1. Using Your Fingers

It’s easy to stimulate the clit indirectly with your fingers.

Just lay your hand flat on top of your girl’s vagina – like you’re cupping the whole vagina. Your fingers should be over the upper part of the vagina, where the clit is located.

Use a firm grip, or else you’ll tickle your partner.

Then move your whole hand from side to side, or in a circular motion. Start out slow, and don’t go faster unless your girl gets more excited.

Your speed and pressure should match your partner’s arousal level. If your girl is near orgasm, then don’t be afraid to be forceful.

2. Using Your Tongue

Your tongue is perfect for stimulating the clitoris. It’s warm, soft, and always lubricated.

When you use your tongue to stimulate the clitoris indirectly, then simply lick the upper part of the vagina like you’re licking an ice-cream. Or move your tongue from side to side over the clit.

Keep your tongue soft and wide. And make sure it’s wet. Start out slow and soft, but not too soft. (That will tickle your girl, and it will be annoying.)

Keep a steady pace, and only increase speed and pressure when your partner gets more excited. If she’s close to orgasm, then don’t be shy – bury your face in between her legs if you feel like it.

(More on pussy licking here.)

3. Using a Vibrator

The clit is for some strange reason sensitive to vibrations.

It’s like women have their own private seismographs between their legs.

That’s a good thing if you own a vibrator. It will save you a lot of “hard” work to use a good vibrator.

It’s easy to stimulate the clit indirectly with a vibrator – especially if you have a large and powerful one.

Just place the vibrator over, or near the clit – and then wait…

Don’t use a vibrator between a woman’s legs before she’s turned on, though. As always, vaginal stimulation isn’t a good way to build arousal – vaginal stimulation is for giving women orgasms.

(An example of a good and effective vibrator is the classic Hitachi Magic Wand Original (external link to sextoyfun.com))

Stimulating the Clitoris Directly

When you want to touch the clit directly, there are two things you have to consider:

  1. You have to pull back the clitoral hood
  2. The clit is sensitive to dryness.

The clitoral hood is attached to the skin around and above the vagina. That means when you lay a finger or your whole hand on your girl’s lower abdomen, and pull your hand up towards the navel, the clit usually appears.

If your girl’s clit is very small, then you have to pinch the clitoris with two fingers, and pull the clitoral hood back. (Pull your fingers up towards the navel.)

Whenever you touch your girl’s clit directly, remember to always use some kind of lube – or else it can be painful. Saliva or your girl’s vaginal fluids are the best and most practical choices.

1. Using Your Fingers

It’s best to use one finger only when stimulating the clitoris directly.

Pull back the clitoral hood with your left (or right) hand, and use one of your fingers on your other hand to touch the clit.

Use the pad of your finger to gently rub the clit in a circular, or side to side motion. (Imagine you’re petting a mosquito – it should be that light and gentle.)

And don’t forget to keep the clit wet.

2. Using Your Tongue

Do the same as you did with your finger, except use your tongue instead.

Try to keep your tongue relaxed and soft.

It best to not use the outmost tip of your tongue. It’s more comfortable when you lay your tongue flat over the clit, and then move your tongue from side to side.

(Or hold your tongue still, an move your head from side to side.)

If your girl gets more excited, then go faster and harder.

And if she doesn’t get more excited, then keep a steady pace and take your time. Even if she doesn’t orgasm, she’ll still enjoy it.

3. Using a Vibrator

If you have a smaller and not that powerful vibrator, then try to put it directly on the clit.

It may be too intense, so make sure to stimulate the clitoris indirectly first.

And as always, keep the clit wet.

Here are some examples of smaller vibrators you can use directly on the clit. (External link to sextoyfun.com.)

Clitoral Orgasm and Oversensitive Clit

If your girl has a sensitive clitoris, and you’ve stimulated it the right way, then she’ll eventually have a clitoral orgasm.

A clitoral orgasm doesn’t have to be different from other types of orgasms. It’s just a term used when a woman is having an orgasm from clitoris stimulation.

After a clitoral orgasm, a woman’s clit often gets very sensitive. Sometimes too sensitive for any stimulation at all.

Most women will give you a sign to stop right after having a clitoral orgasm. If you use your fingers or a vibrator, your girl will likely grab hold of your hand and remove it from her private parts.

If you use your tongue, she will gently push your head away.

This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like what you’re doing. She’s just too sensitive right now. It’s the same for us guys when we come – we get oversensitive too.

When a woman tries to remove my hand from her vagina, I usually say, “It’s okay. I know.” Then I let my hand lie over her vagina – but holding it still.

This tells her that I know she’s too sensitive, and I can keep on touching her privates. After a while I can start stimulating her clit again, since most women are oversensitive for a short time only.

That’s it, guys! A quick guide to clitoris stimulation. I hope this will help you when you want to give your girl a clitoral orgasm.

For internal vaginal stimulation (g-spot stimulation), try out this article.

Have fun and enjoy your girl’s orgasms!




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