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Squirting Orgasm Guide – How to Make Women Squirt

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I have to admit – I’m a little obsessed with giving women squirting orgasms.

It’s just so damn cool!

It’s a shame that most women have never had a squirting orgasm. It’s one of the most intense feelings a woman can experience in bed.

In this article you will learn how easy it is to make women squirt.

I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to female ejaculation (squirting).

What Is a Squirting Orgasm?

When women have orgasms they sometimes eject a clear or slightly opaque liquid. This liquid must not be confused with women’s natural vaginal lubrication.

Women’s vaginal lubrication is produced inside the vagina from the moment of arousal, and it is a clear slippery liquid.

Female ejaculate on the other hand is not produced inside the vagina, but inside glands surrounding the urethra or inside the urine bladder. (No one knows for sure.)

This fluid never enters the inside of the vagina, but it’s sometimes squirted out through the urethra during orgasm.

Before I tell you how to do it, let’s look at two common myths about squirting orgasms:

Myth #1: Female ejaculation doesn’t exist

It’s a belief in the medical community that squirting orgasms don’t exist. Medical doctors may be experts at the human body, but I guess they have pretty unexciting sex lives.

May I remind you that it wasn’t long ago when Doctors were arguing if the female orgasm was real or not. Scientist can be quite detached from reality.

To test this myth out, follow the instructions below and see for yourself.

I once believed this myth myself, but it exploded – literary – in my face the first time a made a woman squirt. It’s no point arguing with reality.

Myth #2: Female ejaculate is urine

Something that isn’t yellow and isn’t salty can’t be urine. Even though female ejaculate squirts out from the urethra, it doesn’t mean it comes from the bladder.

This myth is also easy to test out. Give your partner a squirting orgasm, and then, simply, taste…

Again, it’s no point arguing with reality.


I have now a new theory on the origin of female ejaculate.

I have experienced that some women do in fact squirt out urine. And I have also experienced that some women’s urine is almost like water right after sex, without taste and color. (Don’t ask me how I know this…)

Putting two and two together I now believe that women for some reason produce a clear tasteless fluid when being aroused. This fluid enters the bladder, and is either squirted out during a squirting orgasm or peed out after sex.

This explains how some women squirt out urine (those who didn’t urinate before sex), while others just have a clear liquid (those who urinated before sex). And it explains how some women can have unusual colorless and tasteless urine after sex.

This is just a theory, and I would like some input from my readers. Especially from my female readers.

The reason for this phenomenon may be a protection against urinary tract infections, which, for women, is more likely after sex. Urinating after sex (or squirting during orgasm) will decrease the chances of this kind of infection.

How to Make Your Partner Squirt?

You have to teach your partner how to squirt. It’s something she does. It’s not something that happens to her. I’ll explain below how you can teach your partner. It’s very easy.

The 3 steps to squirting:

Step 1: Build arousal
Step 2: Stimulate the g-spot the right way
Step 3: Tell your partner what to do

Squirting Orgasm – Step 1: Build arousal

The first step is to build arousal. Without you building sexual tension (arousal) nothing will ever happen. Make sure your partner is fully turned on.

Note:  Don’t stimulate your partner’s vagina before she’s highly aroused.

Squirting Orgasm – Step 2: Stimulate the g-spot

There are few women who can squirt without g-spot stimulation, so make sure you learn the correct location of the g-spot, and how to correctly stimulate it.

The g-spot is located about 2-3 inches (5-7 cm) inside the vagina, at the front wall. (Between the vagina and the pubic bone.) You can reach it by inserting one or two fingers and press up against the vaginal wall. Press down if your partner is lying face down.

Some women are more receptive at the deep-spot than the g-spot. The deep-spot is located a little deeper than the g-spot, and the surface feels smoother to the touch than the g-spot.

Tip: Don’t worry about if you stimulate the g-spot or the deep-spot, and don’t worry about the exact locations of these spots.

Just do this: Insert two fingers half way or all the way inside the vagina. Then press against the front wall. Use the pads of your fingers, not the tips.

When you stimulate the g-spot (or deep-spot), don’t just press up against the vaginal wall. You have to press and then release in a steady rhythmic motion.

This is especially important when you want your partner to squirt, since female ejaculate can’t exit the urethra if there’s constant pressure against the g-spot. That’s why women rarely squirt during intercourse, even if they’ve a g-spot orgasm.

Another thing you have to do is to make sure you use a lot of force. If you gently touch the g-spot, your partner won’t feel anything. The g-spot is very different from the clitoris – you have to use a lot of force.

Instead of only moving your fingers up and down in a come-hither motion, move your whole arm. Lock your fingers and wrist in one position and move your arm up and down. This creates more force. (Think of your forearm and fingers looking like a big hook.)

Squirting Orgasm – Step 3: Tell your partner to ‘push’

Since squirting is something your partner actively has to do, she has to learn it. And, obviously, you are the one who’s going to teach her.

I think the best time to teach your partner about squirting is right after you have given her an orgasm. Now she feels relaxed and close to you. And she trusts you to do what’s best for her.

Since most women don’t know much about squirting, it’s useless to try to explain what it is. I usually tell my partner what I want her to do instead.

Here’s an example:

My partner lies on her back, and I sit on my knees beside her. I put two fingers inside of her and say, “Tighten your muscles around my fingers … harder … that’s it … good.”

I make sure my partner do this before I move on.

Then I continue, “Relax you muscles again … that’s it. Now I want you to do the opposite – push out instead. Open up just as you do when you’re peeing.”

Again, I make sure she does what I want her to do. It may take some time before she manages to “push”, so be patient. You’ll feel it with your finger when she opens up her lower abdomen.

Now I start to explain what I want her to do when she orgasms.

“Baby, when you orgasm, you tighten your muscles. This holds your orgasm inside. It’s like you’re stopping it. Next time I give you an orgasm I want you to ‘push’ instead. Don’t hold it inside.”

“You may feel like you’re going to pee, but you won’t. You may get very wet, but that’s okay. It’s not pee.”

“If you get wet, don’t stop it, just continue pushing. It’s so hot when you get wet…”

Remember that most women haven’t heard of squirting, while others have squirted before, but they think it’s something bad. Let your partner know how much you like squirting. The more excited you are, the harder you partner will try.

And remember to be cool about it too. This is just for fun – don’t make her feel any pressure to squirt.

Now I start to stimulate the g-spot as explained in step 2. When I start to stimulate the g-spot forcefully, I say assertively, “Push!!”

Now, you can sometimes hear a typical “splashing” sound. This is a sure sign that your partner is seconds from squirting. Continue to stimulate the g-spot vigorously and continue to say, “Push!”

At the time of orgasm, the ejaculate fluid will squirt out through to urethra. Sometimes very forcefully, and sometimes in large amounts.

Continue with the g-spot stimulation, and show your partner how excited and thankful you are for her squirting orgasm. Or else she might feel she’s doing something wrong or bad.

Note: You partner may not squirt the first time she tries, or maybe ever. Be patient and don’t make a problem out of it. Enjoy her orgasm, and try again the next time you have sex.

Let’s recap the steps to squirting:

Step 1:
Turn your partner on. Arousal is always the main factor when it comes to orgasms.

Step 2:
Stimulate the g-spot forcefully.

Step 3:
When your partner is about to orgasm, continue to stimulate the g-spot, and tell her to ‘push’. If she doesn’t squirt, she will still have a mind-blowing g-spot orgasm.

Step 4:
A squirting orgasm is always intense, so give your partner some time to come to her senses. Hold her in your arms and tell her how proud you are of her.

Step 5:
Clean your sheets. Or even better, tell your partner to do it – it’s her mess. 🙂

Have fun giving the woman/women in your life squirting orgasms.


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