Learn How to Satisfy Women in Bed

Review: Secrets of the Alpha Man – By Carlos Xuma

Secrets-Cover1This program from Carlos Xuma is a beginner’s guide for guys who struggle with women and seduction (pick-up).

Since you’re reading this review, I’m taking it for granted that you’re just starting out learning how to seduce women.

If that’s the case, let me very shortly explain what seduction or pick-up is all about.

There are some misconceptions out there about pick-up. Some sees it as ‘the art of manipulating women’ or something like that. That’s just sad.

Since I love biology, let me explain it from a science point of view.

Every animal that have two sexes (that includes us humans) has developed a “dating game” – also called pick-up or seduction. The point of the dating game is that the male (that’s you) and the female (that’s the hot woman you’re drooling over) will find the best possible genes for their offspring.

In layman’s terms that means: to find the best possible man or woman to have sex with. Someone who at least isn’t a total freak.

As with all games, the dating game has certain rules. The rules are different for every type of animal, but within a species the rules are very rigid. They can’t be broken.

If you have problems seducing women, then this can only mean one thing: you are breaking one or more of the rules.

The dating game has a clear defined beginning, and a clear defined end. It starts the moment you meet a woman. And it ends when you two horny bastards lovebirds have sex for the first time.

That may take weeks or sometimes even months. Or it can happen within hours (or even minutes). It doesn’t really matter how fast (or slow) you like to do it, as long as you don’t break any of the rules.

So, what are the rules for the human dating game?

That’s what Carlos Xuma and every other seduction coach is trying to teach you.

In my teens and early twenties I was clueless about the rules of this so called dating game. I didn’t even know that there was a dating game. This program opened my eyes for what women really want from men.

The thing I like about Carlos Xuma is that he doesn’t make any shortcuts. He tells you how it is. And you have to be willing to do the hard work.

It isn’t difficult to learn the rules of the dating game – everyone can do this (that’s the easy part). But you have to be willing to change yourself for the better. (That’s the hard part.)

You have to actually practice what you learn in this program. That’s the only way to learn seduction. It has to become a part of you.

This 7 hours audio program is very broad. It doesn’t focus that much on what to say to women (even though that is covered too). It focuses more on what’s really important: changing yourself to become an attractive man. An alpha man as Carlos calls it.

When you change yourself to become an alpha man, then you don’t really have to do anything else than being yourself. An alpha man will automatically follow the rules of the dating game, without even thinking about it.

This program thought me what I had to change about myself. And it also thought me about what women look for in men.

Here are some of the topics covered in this program. Just to give you an idea if this is something for you.

  • Why you need to become an Alpha Man
  • The “nice guy syndrome”
  • How you became a “nice guy”
  • The right attitude
  • How to meet women
  • Right body language
  • Cold reading techniques
  • Emotional boundaries
  • Self-confidence improvement
  • Show a woman that you’re interested in her
  • Handling rejection
  • Introducing yourself
  • Opening a conversation
  • Patience
  • Removing your fears
  • Sexual attitudes
  • Conversational power
  • One that got away syndrome
  • Women to avoid

As you can see, this is an everything-you-need-to-know kind of program.

It was fascinating listening to this program again – almost 10 years after the first time. I have to say that it’s satisfying to realize that the things I found difficult 10 years ago, is now a part of me.

It’s hard to believe that I used to think women and dating was difficult – because it really isn’t.

I hope you will have the same positive experiences with this program as I have had.

Good luck with your new seduction skills!

Visit Carlos Xuma’s website for more information about this audio program.