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Review: The Girlfriend Training Program – By Carlos Xuma

carlos xuma girlfriend trainingThis program from Carlos Xuma is a new one for me. I just finished it last week.

It’s about relationships. How to start them, how to keep them working, and how to end them.

I’ve been a fan of Carlos Xuma’s pick-up programs for about ten years now, so I was excited when I found out that he had a program about relationships.

Like most guys learning pick-up, I soon found out that being in a relationship with a woman challenges you to learn new skills. To keep a woman interested in you for a long time, you have to learn the dynamics of a relationship.

Even though this program is meant for guys who want, or already are in traditional monogamous relationships, I found that it’s perfect for any type of relationships.

Before we go into the details of this program, let me first tell you why I like Carlos Xuma. And why his philosophy about seduction and relationships is similar to my own.

Carlos Xuma doesn’t care about right or wrong – He cares about reality

There are tons of books about relationships out there. Maybe you have read some of them, and maybe you have seen that there are differences between these books and what you’re reading on my website.

Most books about relationships are written by idealists. They want men and women to be a certain way. They talk about how relationships ought to be.

They use vague terms to describe seduction and relationships, such as love, romance, trust, passion, “letting go”, team work, “giving”, and respect.

And they use untested principles that look great on paper, such as ‘love conquers everything’, ‘talk about your sexual problems’ ,’be nice to each other’ and ‘be open and share everything with your partner’.

The reason why Carlos Xuma and I have similar views on seduction and relationships is because we only care about reality. We want to find out what works and what doesn’t.

And we want to explain what we’ve learned and experienced in plain English. No vague terms. And no untested principles. Just reality as we see it.

That’s why Carlos Xuma’s programs are great. He focuses on reality – even though it at first can seem both brutal and scary.

And that’s why this program works. If you dare to look at reality, and if you’re willing to learn how women really are, then you can have a great relationship with a woman, without any drama, and without fearing that she’ll leave you.

The Girlfriend Training Program – What You’ll Learn

This is a 10 hours video program, with an easy to follow presentation.

I’ll give you a short overview of this program, so you can see if this is something for you.

1. Starting relationships

  • Pros and cons of relationships
  • What “love” REALLY is…
  • Attitudes about relationships
  • Your own needs
  • Choosing the right girlfriend
  • Long distance relationships
  • Myths of love and relationships
  • How to start relationships
  • Relationships with MILFs (mothers)

2. Keeping a girlfriend

  • Essential relationship skills
  • Emotional control: Patience
  • Relationship problems – And how to avoid them
  • Why women leave men
  • Cheating
  • Trust building 101
  • Keeping her into you
  • Dealing with family and friends
  • Moving in together
  • Losing strategies
  • Communication
  • Conflicts – And how to deal with them
  • Marriage
  • Sex
  • Kids
  • Compatibility

3. Rejuvenating and restarting a relationship

  • Relationship and couples counseling
  • How it happened (Why she lost interest)
  • Is it worth restarting your relationship?
  • How to rejuvenate your relationship
  • Changing her

4. Ending a relationship

  • Relationship killers
  • Breakup blueprint (step-by-step guide)
  • Getting over her

5. Guide to understanding women

  • Classifying women (personality types)
  • Basic female psychology
  • What women REALLY want
  • Reading her body language
  • Reading a woman’s signals

6. Win her back

  • Is it worth it? (Move on!)
  • If you won’t move on…
  • The plan for winning her back

7. Cheat-proof your relationship

  • Top 8 reasons women cheat
  • The girlfriend dilemma for men
  • How to prevent cheating
  • If she’s already cheated

The Benefits of this Program

We have all been in relationships where we felt out of control.

A common problem for us guys is that we feel that the woman takes over the control of the relationship. And for us guys that’s a terrible feeling.

We need to feel some kind of control, or else frustration and resentment will build up. We feel we’re inside a pressure cooker, and something got to give.

And it’s frustrating for the woman as well. She doesn’t want to take control over the relationship, even though it might seem that way. But if the man doesn’t know how to lead the relationship, then she has no choice. Someone has to be in charge.

This program doesn’t only give you the tools to deal with common problems in a relationship. More importantly, it explains how your role as a man should be in a relationship.

The only way to keep a girl interested in you, sexually and otherwise, is to understand what she wants from you. (And it’s probably not what you think it is.)

When you give your girlfriend (or wife) the things she needs, and when you know how to deal with conflicts, then it’s no way she’ll lose interest.

Love isn’t something magical. It’s a result of how you behave. By behaving the right way, your girlfriend will stay in love with you. There is no reason for her to look elsewhere.

This program from Calos Xuma is impressive. To my knowledge, it’s the only great relationship program out there.

With this program, you don’t have to go into your next relationship with that helpless feeling of not knowing what to do.

And if you’re currently in a relationship, you can expect a lot less drama and conflict – and a lot more sex and excitement.

What you learn in this program should be thought in school. It’s essential, because everyone will at least once in their lifetime start a relationship, be in a relationship, and end a relationship.

Don’t go in blind. Make sure you have the skills to deal with any challenges that may arise in a relationship.

I highly recommend this program.

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