Learn How to Satisfy Women in Bed

Learning Tools and Resources

I thought it would be helpful to list some of the learning tools/resources I have use over the last 10 years. I hope these products will be as helpful for you as they have been for me. Enjoy!

Note: On this page I only list the top products. There are many other good products, but these are the ones I like the most.

My Products

Sex Guide for Men - How to Have Sex-5

Learn how to have sex and start becoming great with women right now!


You’ll get:

Sex - Decoded and Explained

SEX – Decoded and Explained is a comprehensive 200 pages sex guide filled with sex and seduction theory and practical examples. Everything you need to know to become great with women. (Read sample)

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The Science of Sex - Sex Manual

The Science of Sex is a step-by-step sex guide focusing on how to boost female arousal and making women do anything in bed. (Read sample)

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40 Articles about How to Satisfy Women in Bed

This is a collection of 40 articles about pick-up, seduction and sex. 300 pages in a single PDF file. (Sample 1, Sample 2)

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140 Blog Posts about Seduction and Sex

140 blog posts with easy-to-follow sex and seduction tips. (Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample 4)

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Pick-up and Seduction

It’s no use learning about sex if you can’t seduce women.

Pick-up and seduction is basically the same as sex. It’s the same principles you use in a bar or on a date as you use in the bedroom.

The programs below will help you learn these principles, and they will, with time, change your beliefs about women and sex.

I especially recommend David DeAngelo and Carlos Xuma’s programs. These two dating coaches helped me getting started when I was a newbie. They have several different programs and books, and I have gone through most of them. (In fact, I have gone through all 13 of David DeAngelo’s programs.)

You don’t have to buy all of their stuff of course, but I recommend at least one program from each of these guys, so you get a basic understanding of how seduction works.

Below I just mention a couple of them, but you should visit David DeAngelo’s and Carlos Xuma’s websites and see what fits your needs. Both of these sites have a lot of free articles as well.

Note: Don’t buy these products and then only listen to them once. I still use these products even though I bought them years ago. Changing your beliefs about women and sex takes time.

  • Double Your Dating Mega Vault – If you can afford it, then why not buy all of David DeAngelo’s programs. 13 full-length programs, 150+ hours of dating advice, 615+ pages of workbook exercises. I have gone through all of these programs myself, and I can guarantee they will make you more attractive  than 99% of all men. This product has 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Double Your Dating eBook – The budget option from David DeAngelo. Great introduction to seduction and dating from arguably the best dating coach in the world.
  • Secrets of the Alpha Man – This program from Carlos Xuma is perfect for beginners. It explains why you (and most other guys out there) struggle with seduction. And it tells you in a simple way what to do to become an attractive guy. 6 cd’s (audio) and 2 eBooks included. This product has 30 day money back guarantee. (Read my review of Secrets of the Alpha Man.)
  • Bad Boy Formula – This program from Carlos Xuma is meant for the typical “nice guy”. Carlos explains why “nice guys” can’t attract women, and why “bad” is so seductive to women.  This program is essential for any recovering “nice guy” (me included). And don’t worry – you will not become a “bad” man after taking this program. You will just become a nice guy who knows how to be “bad enough” to attract women. This product has 30 day money back guarantee.
  • The Way of the Superior Man – This book from David Deida is groundbreaking. It’s not  an easy read, but when you begin to understand it, everything starts making sense.


Here’s where it all starts. Self-development is EVERYTHING when it comes to seduction and sex. If you don’t change the way you think, and change your beliefs about yourself and women, then everything else is useless.

There are many good self-development programs out there, and many of them are similar. The programs below are my favorites, though.

  • The Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy – This was the first self-development program I used, and I still think it’s awesome. It taught me everything I needed to learn to get where I am today. (In other words, everything my parents should have taught me, but didn’t.) 6 cd’s or 7 hours of MP3 included. Note: Brian Tracy isn’t a dating coach, so this program isn’t aimed at seduction and relationships. For self-development in relation to seduction and becoming more attractive, I recommend the programs below by David DeAngelo and Carlos Xuma.
  • Deep Inner Game – Supplement your seduction skills (outer game) with solid inner game. Get rid of your insecurities and fears, and transform yourself into a confident man, who naturally attracts women. This is an impressive self-development program. It can be used without any former inner game training. 15 hours video. Digital download or DVD. This product has 30 day money back guarantee.

Some books which have inspired me:

  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu – My all time favorite book. I have read it more than any other book. And I always learn something new. Pretty much everything on my website is a reflection of this ancient classic. Not an easy read, though.
  • Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – This is a controversial masterpiece. Ayn Rand is pretty hardcore, but I just love the way she sees the world.
  • Alan Watts – I also want to mention Alan Watts, since he’s been a great inspiration to me. You can listen to his lectures about philosophy and religion on YouTube. Here’s one short sample with animation by the South Park team.

Porn Sites

Porn has been my most important learning tool. I know that sounds weird, but I think it’s because most people have a negative view of porn (and sex in general for that matter.)

If you want to be good at sex, you have to watch what others do. And you have to choose the right kind of porn.

Below I’ll mention three porn sites. They are all my favorites, and I have been using them for years.

The first is a Japanese site. Japanese porn is superior when it comes to creativity, and how to have fun in the bedroom.

The second is a BDSM site. BDSM shows you how to be masculine, and how to turn women on.

The third site belongs to a new type of porn that has become popular over the last couple of years. The models are more natural and feminine than the typical “porn star”.

Here are the sites. I hope you like them:

  • SexuallyBroken.com – This is Matt Williams’ new site. I’m a big fan of Matt Williams, and this site is my new favorite BDSM site. The focus on SexuallyBroken is bondage, sex and deepthroat. Take a look…
  • X-Art.com – This site is great for those of you who appreciate beauty. It has beautiful locations, beautiful lighting, beautiful music, and the most beautiful women in porn. Take a look…
  • Rocco Siffredi – I also want to mention one of the most influential male porn actors. In my opinion, no one is better than Rocco Siffredi. If you want to learn how women want to be fucked, then take a look at Roccos’ movies. Watch his attitude, body language, aggression, dirty talk and humor. Then try it out for yourself. Women just love this kind of rough treatment.

I Love Porn! – How Can Anyone NOT Like Porn?

Sex toys and other stuff you might need

If you’re new to sex, then don’t get too obsessed with buying stuff for your bedroom. (Except condoms and lube.) Bad sex will never be good by adding vibrators and rope bondage.

  • Sextoyfun.com – One of the biggest sex shops online. I have only had positive experiences with this sex shop. They offer international shipping.
  • Hitachi Magic Wand – This powerful vibrator is a gift from Japan. It has been a top seller for over 30 years. I always have the magic wand beside my bed. Note: Only sold inside the US. (This vibrator is called Europe Magic Wand in Europe. It’s difficult to find it online, so try your local sex shop.)

How to Stimulate the Clitoris

  • ID Millennium – This is a good Silicone based lube. No smell or taste. Long lasting and never sticky. Can be used with condoms and sex toys. (Except sex toys made out of silicone.)

Silicone-Based Lubricant – 4 Reasons Why I Use Silicone Lube

  • Condoms – I buy regular condoms at the local grocery. But if you have special needs or simply want to buy online, then try out Sextoyfun.com.

How to Put on a Condom – In 7 Short Steps

  • Massage Oil – I like to use baby oil. It’s cheap and I can get it anywhere. But if you want more exclusive types of massage oils, then try out Sextoyfun.com.

Websites and Blogs (free resources)

  • Behind Kink – Behind the scenes of the world’s largest BDSM company. Tons of interesting videos.
  • Taken in Hand – Great articles about feminine and masculine roles in a relationship. It’s an old website, but it has some very informative articles about sex.
  • MedHelp.org – STDs and HIV forum – One of the few places where you can get reasonable information about STDs and HIV.