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Top 9 Signs of Female Arousal – How Horny Is Your Girl?

sign arousalDo you know the signs of female arousal?

Do you know at any time the arousal level of your partner? How horny is your girl right now?

Do you have to know her signs of arousal?

Let me answer the last question for you:

YES!! You have to know exactly how horny your partner is in bed at any time.

And here is why you need to know.

When you are satisfying a woman in bed, it’s your job to decide what to do. It’s called leading, and it’s by default your job as a man to lead in bed.

This is good news, because when you’re leading in bed you can usually do whatever you want with your girl – as long as you follow only one very important rule:

Everything you do or say in bed has to fit in with what your partner is feeling.

Let me explain…

One of the main feelings in bed is arousal. The feeling of arousal is a sexual feeling, and whatever you do or say in bed has to be about as sexual as your partner’s arousal level.

Take ‘dirty kissing’ as an example. (If you don’t know – ‘dirty kissing’ is like French kissing, but with more tongue and spit. It’s more sexual – it’s dirty.)

The big question here is not if your partner likes ‘dirty kissing’ or not – of course she does, she’s a girl. The big question is if ‘dirty kissing’ fits in with your partner’s arousal level.

Since ‘dirty kissing’ is very sexual, you can only do this when your partner feels very sexual – when her arousal level is high. If you don’t know how aroused your partner is, then you have no idea if you can kiss her in a dirty way or not.

If you go for dirty kissing when you have just started making out, then she’ll be turned off by you. The action you’re taking – dirty kissing – is much more sexual than what she feels. You are being a creep.

20 minutes later, while having hot, steamy sex, then kissing dirty is perfect. Your girl feels highly aroused, and she wants you to be very sexual. In this situation, when your partner’s arousal level is high, kissing her softly and gently would be out of context, and she would lose her arousal.

In other words, you can turn your partner on by doing things that are as sexual as she is feeling. Or even better: do things that are slightly more sexual than your partner’s arousal level. In this way your actions will drive up your partner’s arousal level.

Now you understand why you need to know your partner’s signs of arousal. Her signs of arousal dictate your actions. Luckily for us guys, the female signs of arousal are pretty universal, and most of them are quite obvious.

Here are the top 9 signs of female arousal.

Sign of Female Arousal #1: Heavy Breathing

I put this sign of arousal on top for several reasons.

First, it’s easy to notice. You can feel, see and hear your partner’s breath.

Second, it tells you the level of arousal. The heavier your partner is breathing, the more arousal.

Third, your partner’s breathing is a reliable sign of arousal. (Except for some women who tends to hold their breath inside. More on that later in this article.)

If you are new to sex, then becoming aware of your partner’s breathing is without a doubt the sign of arousal you should focus on. Train yourself to notice how your partner is breathing while having sex.

Soon you don’t even have to think about it anymore, and you’ll have a good idea of your partner’s arousal level just by noticing her breathing.

Tip: Even though heavy breathing is a result of arousal, the opposite is also true. Arousal is a result of heavy breathing. Next time you’re making out with your girl, try this:

Gradually start to breathe deeper and deeper. Even if you’re not that turned on, just fake it. Notice that your partner will do the same thing. She will start to breathe deeper too, and before you know it she’s really turned on.

This is a very effective way to turn a woman on. The reason for this is that a woman will automatically follow your lead in a sexual setting. It’s an inborn female biological response. Change your breathing and she’ll do it too. Change your emotions, and she will too.

In other words, turn yourself on, and your partner will follow.

Try it out – it’s pretty cool.

Note: I’m not talking about some weird spiritual breathing-in-synchronicity-exercise. Just let yourself get aroused by your girl, and then she’ll automatically get aroused too.

Sign of Female Arousal #2: Moaning

This sign of arousal is basically the same as the previous one. Moaning is a natural progression of heavy breathing.

Some women – or to be more precise, a lot of women – tend to hold their breath inside while having sex. This is not good since it staggers both arousal and blood flow. It’s crucial that you tell your partner to let go of her breath, or else she’ll never reach orgasm.

Here are some of the things I often say to inhibited women while having sex: “Open your breath!”, “Let me hear you!”, “Scream for me, baby!”, “Louder!!… LOUDER!!”

When you say this, remember to not only say the words. You have to say it loudly and assertively. If you want your girl to scream out loud, you have to scream out loud to her.

Women follow your energy level and your emotions, not what you say. You can even have sex with someone speaking another language than you – and it will still work.

Sign of Female Arousal #3: Hip Movements

This must be my favorite – it’s so hot!

This is a sign of arousal that can be seen all the way from low level of arousal to the highest level of arousal (during orgasm). As a general rule: the faster the hip movements the higher the arousal level.

Let’s begin with low level of arousal. Have you ever seen how some women react when an attractive man walks into a club? They tend to turn sideways and then arch their backs. This gives the illusion of a small waist and broad hips.

A low waist-to-hip ratio is one of the most powerful female indicators of fertility. Some women have perfected this illusion by lifting one of their elbows over their head. Every time I see this I just have to laugh – it’s so funny – and hot…

Let’s jump to the highest level of arousal – orgasm. During orgasm the hip movements are usually very rapid, and often spastic. But you have to look closely, since they can be very minute – almost invisible.

From the arching of the back at low level of arousal to the rapid movements during orgasm, hip movements come in all shapes. A woman may be dancing sensual in the club, letting the music fuel her sexuality. She may walk down the street like a cat-walk model. Or she may be she grinding her hip against you in bed, trying to turn you on.

Hip movements differ from woman to woman. They can be fast or slow, vigorous or minute – and sometimes even circular. As I mentioned, faster hip movements generally mean higher arousal level.

Side note: During intercourse, a woman usually stops her hip movements and locks her hips in one position. Now you have to do the hip movements.

Sign of Female Arousal #4: Impatience

This is another one I really like.

When you get a woman so turned on that she starts to get impatient, then you can lean back and let her do the work.

I believe patience is one of those skills that will give you great rewards in life. In business, in seduction, and in bed patience is a great tool to get you what you want.

The most powerful person in most situations is the one who is willing to let go of instant gratification. The payoff will be ten folded for those who wait – especially in bed.

When you’re patient in bed and focus on building arousal, you’ll drive your partner insane – in a good way. First she’ll start to grind her body against you, then she’ll start to beg you to take her.

And in the end, when she realizes how good you are at controlling your own arousal, she’ll take charge of the situation herself and take you whether you want to or not.

Impatience is a very clear sign of high level of arousal

Most women don’t like to take charge and lead in a sexual setting – they want the man to lead. That means, when your girl starts to lead, or when she asks you (or begs you) to take her, then she’s horny as hell.

Is it anything better than a girl who desperately needs you to take her…?

Sign of Female Arousal #5: Wetness

‘Wet’ and ‘horny’ are like synonyms when it comes to women and arousal.

I have this sign of arousal only at number 5, since it isn’t really a good sign. You can only see and feel how wet a woman is when she’s naked.

Sign of Female Arousal #6: Arching of the Back and Neck

This is kind of a strange one…

Women tend to arch their backs and throw their heads back when they’re aroused. This is quite common when you take a woman from behind (doggy style), and when you stimulate the deep-spot (or g-spot) with your fingers.

Have you ever told a woman to get on all fours when she isn’t that aroused? She’ll hunch her back like a camel, and she’ll drop her forehead down into the pillow.

If she is highly aroused however, that ass of hers will shoot up in the air, and she’ll throw her head back – inviting you to both penetrate her and pull her hair.

You can see the same when you start to stimulate the deep-spot with your fingers. This time she’ll throw her head back into the pillow (if she lies on her back), and press her rear end down into the mattress.

This behavior is a sign of very high level of arousal.

Sign of Female Arousal #7: Eyes Roll Back

Some women roll their eyes back into their head when aroused. It’s very common during orgasm, but it can also happen at lower levels of arousal.

Women usually do this when they throw their heads back, which makes it difficult to notice.

Some women also do this while kissing. Since most women kiss with their eyes closed, you usually don’t see it. If your partner’s eyes are not completely closed, you may see a slit of white between her eyelids. Don’t freak out – she hasn’t turned into a monster. She is just very excited to kiss you.

Sometimes you can see the eyes roll back when you start kissing – before she closes her eyes. It’s a little freaky – but also nice, since you can see how turned on she gets by kissing you.

Sign of Female Arousal #8: She Looks at Your Lips

I don’t have that much to add here. If a girl looks at your lips, then she is sexually attracted to you. Kiss her!!

Sign of Female Arousal #9: She Dresses up for You

I don’t know about you, but I often just throw on some clothes. If it’s clean, it’s good enough.

Women don’t do that. Every piece of clothing is chosen with great care. Shoes, makeup, hair, jewelry and underwear – nothing is left to chance.

To make it simple: the nicer your partner looks, the more arousal she feels. The more she looks in the mirror, and the more she fixes her dress, make-up and hair, the more she wants you.

Don’t be naive guys! Women know what they’re doing. Maybe they won’t admit it, but they know how to use their bodies to get what they want.

You know what they want… don’t you?

YOU!! – stupid.

It’s called signs of arousal for a reason. It’s signs women send you, so you know that they want sex. Not sex with just about anyone. Sex with you!

Arousal is an uncomfortable feeling, and your partner needs your help to get rid of it. She needs you to give her an orgasm.

Now get to it!!



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