Learn How to Satisfy Women in Bed

How Women Really Like to Have Sex

I would like to share a little known secret about women. It’s a secret that goes against everything I have learn about women from both society and from women themselves.

You might think you know how women like to have sex, but you’re probably wrong.

The thing is that we all get conditioned according to the society we live in. We can’t question everything we learn, so we just go along with accepted norms and believes. We just “know” whatever we have heard all our lives.

Everyone “knows” that women love to be showered with gifts and compliments. Everyone “knows” that women aren’t interested in one-night stands. And when it comes to sex, everyone “knows” that women like to be handled with courtesy and respect.

The problem with having certain believes about what women like in bed is that we never test these believes. For instance, if you’re 100% convinced that your girlfriend hate being spanked, you’ll never even try, because you “know” what she likes.

Another problem is that women won’t tell us what they really need in bed. Not first and foremost because they don’t want to, but because they are conditioned as well. They “know” how they like to be treated in bed. But in reality, they are as clueless as us guys.

So, how do women really like to have sex? And how do I know, while you just think you know.

Well, I thought I knew what women wanted too. But, with experience, I eventually realized that I had been misled by both women and society.

To my surprise, I had to conclude that women like to have sex in a way everyone “knows” women hate. And I call it, in lack of a better expression, ‘porn sex’.

Everyone “knows” that porn is unrealistic. And everyone “knows” that women hate that kind of sex.

But never the less, every single woman I have been with, without exceptions, just love to be fucked the way you see women are fucked in porn.

Every time I fuck women extremely hard and for a long time, like you see in porn, with a lot of dominance, spanking, humiliation, dirty talk, etc., then they just love it.

It has never happened that a woman I have been with has been angry or offended, even when I use so called ‘porn sex’ with a one-night stand.

Some may have been a little shocked, because they haven’t experienced that kind of dominance, but no one has called me either abusive or weird. And I have never experienced that a woman didn’t want to see me again because of being fucked too hard.

I’m not saying you have to fuck like a porn star. That’s unrealistic for most guys, since male porn stars are professionals, and you may not have the skills or physical stamina for that kind of sex.

But I am telling you that women aren’t what they appear to be in the bedroom. Because the truth of the matter is that they like it hard, they like it dirty, and they like it wild – and probably much harder, dirtier and wilder than you can imagine.

Even though I see myself as quite extreme in the bedroom (I like to fuck like Rocco Siffredi, for those of you who know him), I don’t scare women away. (Link to Rocco Siffredi’s porn site)

And I don’t meet unusually sexual or “sick” women. I meet regular women, with more or less experience, younger and older women, and women from different parts of the world with different backgrounds and religions.

And everyone is the same. They all want to be fucked as if they were porn stars. (Yes, this includes that nice and innocent looking girl you have a crush on.)

Often I see myself as the limiting factor when it comes to sex. It’s like I can’t be “sick” enough for women.

To a woman, being ravished comes naturally. It’s instinctual, and as long as you know what you’re doing, most women go along with anything in bed. Nothing seems too weird or extreme to them.

You, as a man, have to give women what they don’t even know they want. To do this you have to be able to read women’s signals and know when to push on, and when to back off.

‘Porn sex’ is not as easy as it looks in porn. It’s a fine tuned balancing act where you, gradually, liberate the woman’s restraints, so she can free herself from her own moral limitations, and let her body and feelings take over.

In my sex guide The Science of Sex and How to Make Women Do anything in Bed I explain, step-by-step, how you can lead women in the bedroom, and show them how they really like to have sex.

I wish you the best of luck.


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