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Porn Site Review: AllJapanesePass.com

alljapanesepass.comAllJapanesePass.com , as you already have guessed, is a Japanese porn site.

All the videos are made in Japan, by Japanese producers, with Japanese models.

And yes, they speak Japanese too – even the moaning and screaming is in Japanese. (If you’ve ever watched Japanese porn, you’ll know what I mean.)

Don’t worry though, the website is in English.

Choosing the right porn site isn’t easy. You don’t want to pay for something that isn’t high quality. And it might be scary to give your credit card information to a porn site. (Of course you never do this, since you give it to a trusted payment provider.)

And the most difficult thing of all: Finding the best porn site for your taste.

I don’t know your taste, I only know my taste. And let me be frank, I fucking love Japanese porn. So, I will probably not be objective when reviewing this site. But I will be honest…

Let’s begin dissecting this porn site.

AllJapanesePass.com is in fact 22 sites in one. One subscription will give you access to one huge site called Idols69, and 21 smaller niche sites. The niche sites aren’t really that small, but they’re small compared to Idols69.

Below is the list of the individual sites. Take a look at some of them if you want to. They’re pretty impressive.

Note: You don’t have to access 22 different sites. All the videos are available from the AllJapanesePass.com website. This makes this site easy to use.

But here’s the list anyway:























This site is like a search engine. You can search for whatever you like, just type in big breasts, lesbians, anal, squirting, or whatever you fancy. You can also search the individual niche sites, your favorite models, the best rated videos and so on.

You can also search for uncensored videos. As you may or may not know, in Japan they have to blur out private parts. (Japanese eyes are very sensitive and need protection against pussy.) With this special search option you can easily block out censored videos.

Really…? Blocking out videos you’ve just paid for?

This isn’t a problem with this site. With 20,000+ videos you’ll never see it all anyway. Even I with my love for Japanese porn will only see a fraction of it. And in addition to the 20,000+ videos archive, they update regularly.

They upload on an average 20 uncensored videos weekly. That’s about 7 hours of content. If you also count the censored videos, you’ll drown in Japanese women… which I don’t mind myself…

Okay. It’s a huge site. But is it any good?

In my opinion, it’s the best. But you have to like Japanese porn, though. It’s very different from American porn. Either you like it or you don’t.

I personally think Japan, the biggest porn producing country in the world, makes superior porn. The creativity, diversity, weirdness and of course the beautiful women make American porn look rather boring.

There’s nothing boring about Japanese porn.

And even though the models are professionals, they don’t look fake and artificial, like many American porn models. They’re closer to women you meet in real life.

Except for the weird screaming and the fake shyness, they’re natural and wholesome. They’re real women you could easily see yourself dating or make love to.

They’re women who make your feel thankful for being a man. No wonder Japanese porn has fans all over the world.

Do you learn anything?

My website is about learning how to satisfy women. And as you probably already know, I’m a big proponent of using porn as a learning tool. It has without a doubt been my number one learning tool.

The great thing about Japanese porn is that their creativity is endless. It’s some much I see in in Japanese porn that I use in my own life. From ‘Japanese deep kissing’ to ‘tickle torture’, and everything in between.

Of course, you don’t have to use any of the weird stuff, if that’s not your thing. But I bet the woman/women in your life won’t get bored after you start watching Japanese porn.

You will broaden your view of what sex can be, and you will definitely see sex for what it is – pure fun.

Let me guide you through the ordering process, and the different membership options available. (And also how to unsubscribe.)

At AllJapanesePass.com you’ll find an ‘Instant Access’ button at the top right corner. Click it, and you’ll get to the registration page. There are 3 steps you’ll go through.

1. Create an account

Choose a username, password and type in your email.

You won’t get any spam from this website, so you can use your daily email address.

2. Select Membership Plan

Here you can choose from 4 different plans.

  • $1.00  – 3 Days Trail
  • $39.99 – 1 Month Recurring
  • $89.97 – 3 Month Recurring
  • $155.88 – 12 Month Non-recurring

As I see it, there are two good options: 1 month and 12 months.

If you have available hard drive space on your computer, the 1 month option is the best choice. There’s no download limit on this site, and there’s no time limit on the videos. Download as much as you like for a month, and you’ll have Japanese porn for a very, very long time.

(With this option you have to remember to unsubscribe, since it’s a recurring payment. I’ll explain how to do this below.)

The 12 months option is also a good one. It’s very cheap, only $12.99 a month. (You pay one time – and it’s non-recurring) With this plan you’ll always have access to great porn.

3. Select Payment Type

Choose credit card or check. (I always use credit card)

Now click the ‘Continue’-button, enter your credit card details, and click ‘Complete this transaction’.

(Note: You may get a ‘special offer’. An additional membership to AllGravure.com. This is a good softcore porn site, but if you’re not interested, then just ignore this option.)

Now, check your inbox.

There you’ll find a welcome email. This is the only email you’ll get from this site. It contains your username and password. It also contains a link for unsubscribing.

If you choose a 1 month subscription it can be wise to unsubscribe right away. It’s so easy to forget to do this later, and you will of course still have access for the rest of the month.

Just follow the cancellation guide at the bottom of the welcome email. It couldn’t be easier, and they won’t send you any future offers – which I really appreciate. (I can’t stand spam!)

Okay guys, that’s it.

I hope you’ll enjoy this site as much as I do. It’s the biggest and best Japanese porn site out there. Enjoy!

Take a look at AllJapanesePass.com