Learn How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

How to Have Sex with a Woman – 4 Things You Need to Learn

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Sex Guide for Men: Learn How to Have Sex with Women

Do you want to learn how to please women in bed?

I’m not just talking about moving your hips while having your penis inside of a woman.

That’s not sex.

That’s intercourse – and it’s nothing to it.

I’m talking about doing things to a woman which she’s never experienced.

Making her feel so much excitement and intimacy that she forgets who she is.

Making her look at you in wonder while she’s thinking: Who are you? And what did you do to me?

Everyone can learn to do this. Everyone can learn how to please women in bed.

But, you have to understand one thing:

Sex is something you have to learn. It’s not a skill you’re born with.

It’s not enough that you’re a man.  Being a man isn’t really something you are – it’s something you do.

If you want to please women in bed, then you have to learn what to do. It’s all about your actions.

This article is meant as a help for guys who are kind of clueless when it comes to pleasing women. We’ll start at the beginning. We’ll start with the basics.

Then, when you understand the basics, you can start learning more details.

And I’m not talking about how to finger a woman, how to give a woman oral sex, or how to make a woman squirt. You will learn that too – but that’s the easy part.

I’m talking about changing yourself to a better person. Because that’s what you have to do if you want to please a woman in bed – especially a high quality woman.

High quality women don’t go for clueless men.

And if you’re clueless, then that’s okay. I’ll help you. I was clueless myself, until I decided to do something about it.

I was sick and tired of looking at beautiful women, knowing that I would never even get a chance to touch them. I felt desperate. (Maybe you know the feeling?)

I have to warn you, though. It’s not easy to change yourself. It’s damn hard work – and maybe it’s not for you.

Maybe you’re one of those guys who would rather be with his friends and talking about women instead of being with women.

And that’s all right. I don’t blame you. No one will.

But, if you want to change, and if you want to learn how to have sex with a woman – real sex – the awesome kind, the dirty kind, the sick kind, the intimate kind, and the beautiful kind of sex – then I’ll help you.

I was absolutely clueless. I didn’t understand women at all. They were a mystery to me. But I was willing to work hard to learn and change. It took me years, but it was worth it.

I’ve gone through all the steps. Now I can help you go through the steps as well.

But understand this:

This is not a website for lazy people. You have to do the hard work.

I can only show you the steps. You have to do the work.

Make a decision now:

Either leave this website – and be happily ignorant about women and sex. Or choose to learn how to have great sex.

It’s up to you. No one cares whatever you choose to do.

The only thing you have to ask yourself is this:

Do you care?

Still reading … Great! Let’s do the hard work.

The 4 Basic Things You Need to Learn to Be Great with Women

How often have you heard or read something like this:

  • Every woman is different.
  • Every woman wants different things from men.

In my experience, these statements couldn’t be further from the truth.

The following statements are closer to reality:

  • Every woman is the same.
  • Every woman wants the same things from men.

Of course there are differences. But they tend to be superficial. At a deeper level, women are genetically programmed to be attracted to the same things.

For you and me, this is great news…

Since all women want the same things from us guys, we only have to find out what these “things” are, learn how to do them, and we’ll be able to attract and satisfy most of the women we meet.

In this article we’ll go through 4 factors that pretty much all women want from men.

When you meet a woman – any woman – there’s more than likely that she wants these 4 factors (or “things”) from you.

If you’re already in a relationship, these 4 factors are still essential for great sex and a great relationship.

In the eBook SEX – Decoded and Explained, I call these 4 factors: The 4 Laws of Sex. Just as the laws of physics, they are unchangeable and everlasting.

When I learned these 4 laws of sex, my relationships with women went from almost non-existing (and pretty lame) to plentiful (and exciting).

Now I don’t focus on unimportant stuff anymore, such as my looks, my “personality-type”, my money (or lack of it), sexual techniques, sex positions and all the other things I used to believe was important.

And more importantly, I don’t try to find out what every woman is attracted to. I don’t have to, because over 90% of the women I’ve met want these 4 factors more than anything.

Therefore, my focus is on the 4 laws of sex. I know they work, because I have seen it time and time again.

If you want great sex and great relationships, then do yourself a favor. Make sure you learn the 4 laws of sex:

  1. Learn how to create arousal
  2. Learn how to create love
  3. Learn how to create trust
  4. Learn how to raise a woman’s social status

Let’s get to it …

How to Have Sex with a Woman – The 1st Law of Sex:

Learn How to Create Arousal

Without you knowing how to turn a woman on, you’ll never be able to seduce a woman, nor having sex with your girlfriend or wife.

Arousal (sexual attraction) is the only one of the four laws of sex that’s as important for women as for us guys. Without creating arousal, you’ll only be able to make relationships – not sexual relationships.

If you find yourself ending up in the so-called “friend zone”, or if your girlfriend never is “in the mood” for sex, then you don’t know how female arousal works.

Even though female arousal and male arousal is the same feeling (the feeling of being horny), they are created differently.

We guys get turned on by women’s looks. Women however, get turned on by very different factors.

Looking back on my life, it seems astonishing that I didn’t know how to turn women on. How could I have grown up in an enlightened part of the world without learning this basic skill?

It seems like I’m not the only one …

For whatever reason, it’s more like the norm that men can’t sexually attract women. This is sad, since it’s easy to turn women on. You just have to learn it.

If you’re kind of clueless about how to sexually turn women on (like I was), then here’s an article which will help you get started:

When reading this article, have in mind a man’s attractiveness is not defined by his looks. It’s defined by his actions.

Therefore, sexual attraction (arousal) is something you do. It’s a skill you have to learn and develop.

Even though this skill is supposed to be learned during childhood, it’s not too late learning it later in life.

I learned it – and so can you.

How to Have Sex with a Woman – The 2nd Law of Sex:

Learn How to Create Love

We guys don’t need to feel love to have sex. A good looking woman is enough. When we feel arousal, we’re good to go.

For women, it’s different.

Love is as important as arousal. If you can’t create love, then it’s a no-go. (Even in a long term relationship.)

But what is love?

Let’s first start with what it’s not. Love shouldn’t be confused with ‘being in love’ or ‘falling in love’.

Being in Love / Falling in Love

‘Being in love’ is a powerful, addictive emotion with a specific goal. The goal of this emotion is to keep two people inseparable.

There are two versions of this emotion:

1. Between parents (and lovers)

The emotion of ‘being in love’ makes sure a couple stays together long enough to help their child through the infant years.

2. Between parent and child

This version of ‘being in love’ makes sure a parent won’t leave his or her child. And that the child won’t leave his or her parents.

This emotion (or addiction) usually last a lifetime for the parents, and hopefully a little shorter for the child.


Love, unlike ‘being in love’, is necessary for women when having sex.

But what is it?

Think of it as mutual respect. If you’re a good guy, and respect other people, then you know how to create love.

If you know how to make friends, then you know what it is, since friendships are built on mutual respect and love. It isn’t more complicated than that.

Love has two fascinating qualities which separates it from ‘being in love’

1. Love doesn’t have a dark side

‘Falling in love’ has a terrible dark side.

It’s called addiction, and it can take you places you never thought you would go. In extreme cases it can lead to depression, suicide, hate and murder.

Love on the other hand, is harmless.

When you love and respect someone, it never turns negative. It’s probably one of the few things in life you can’t get too much of.

2. Love is timeless

‘Falling in love’ takes time. ‘Falling out of love’ takes even longer.

Love and respect however, are independent of time. When you talk to a stranger on the street, you’ll respect that person no matter what. You don’t have to know that person’s life story to feel love and respect.

When you’re in bed with a woman, it’s not important who she is, where she comes from, or if you’ll ever see her again. You’ll love and respect her no matter what.

She’s a human being – just like you. That’s all you need to know. The emotional connection you share right now in this very moment is love.

This ‘emotional connection’ (feeling of love and intimacy) is necessary for women when having sex. And it’s your “job” as a man to create this “connection”.

If you want to learn more about how to create a deep sense of love and intimacy with a woman, then try out this article:

How to Have Sex with a Woman – The 3rd Law of Sex:

Learn How to Create Trust

If a woman can’t trust you, then arousal and love are useless.

A lot of guys scare women away because they don’t know how to create trust. Women want and need men who are trustworthy. And therefore, you have to know how to build trust.

Ironically, it’s especially so-called “nice guys” who scare women away. “Nice guys” often think of themselves as trustworthy, but in reality they give women the creeps.

Women know they’re physically weaker than us guys. And they know that some of us have a tendency towards violence.

This means that women have developed strategies for recognizing potential violent men. The most effective strategy women use is what I call the classic rejection test.

If you’re a “nice guy”, then you probably fail these rejection tests all the time – without even knowing it.

Learn about the rejection test and how to pass them:

How to Have Sex with a Woman – The 4th Law of Sex:

Learn How to Raise a Woman’s Social Status

It’s no secret that women are drawn to men with high social status.

However, women aren’t sexually attracted to men with high social status. Women don’t get turned on by a rock star or a well-known politician.

Social status has nothing to do with sexual attraction.

Women want to be with men with high social status, because it gives them high social status as well.

When a woman has high social status (because she’s in a relationship with a man with high social status), then everyone will treat her with respect.

This will make her life easier and safer.

This doesn’t play a major part in our society today. But back in the Stone Age, it could mean the difference between life and death.

Women in the Stone Age who chose men with high social status would increase their chances of survival. And therefore, they would bring with them their social-status-obsessed genes.

This means that today, all women are (genetically) drawn to men with high social status. In fact, social status is so important to women that a woman will never choose a man with lower social status than herself.

Don’t worry if you don’t have particularly high social status. Most women you’ll meet have an average social status – just like you and me.

However, it helps to raise your social status a bit. This will make women you’ll meet more comfortable in your presence. They can feel how your social status rubs off on them.

It’s not difficult to raise your social status, you just need to know how to do it.

In the appendix to my eBook I explain how you can raise your social status without much work. Read the appendix here.

The Road Ahead

I hope this article has given you some clues about what you need to do to learn how to please women in bed.

(Note: If you were looking for some wild and crazy sex tips, then remember that you have to understand the basics first.)

And I hope you’re starting to understand the most important thing I’ve learned when it comes to seduction, relationships and sex:

It can be learned.

In my teens and early twenties I just took it for granted that I was terrible with women. That’s the way it was – and would always be. I was one of the unlucky ones.

I never thought that I could learn this stuff.

Instead of blaming your parents for being bad role models. And instead of blaming society for having a screwed up view of seduction and sex, why don’t you do something about it:

Learn how to be great with women.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy – because I’m not a liar. But I’m going to tell you that it’s doable – because I did it.

I was clueless. Women didn’t find me attractive. And just the thought of a date would make me cold sweat. (I’m not exaggerating – I was terrified of women. They scared the crap out of me.)

If you’re willing to do the hard work, then let me help you.

Soon you’ll stand out from the other clueless guys out there. Women can smell out guys who “get it”.

And don’t worry:

You will not become a “bad boy”. Women don’t like “bad boys”.

You will not become a manipulative liar. Women don’t like liars.

You will not become a creepy, new age “Sex God”. Women definitely don’t like those guys.

You will just become a normal guy who happens to know how to give women an awesome time in bed.

And you will not have to change your entire life or something crazy like that.

You only have to be willing to challenge your beliefs about women and sex.

And you have to be willing to work hard to change yourself to a better person.

If you’re in, then subscribe for free updates, and receive weekly articles about women, seduction, sex and self-development.

Everything is free. No advertising for grow-your-penis pills or something absurd like that. You’ll receive practical information for guys who are willing to do the hard work.

Are you one of those guys?

I hope to hear from you someday. I want to hear your success story.

Good luck with your progress!